Portland Children’s Museum

While we are waiting for the weather to turn to where our focus is on all of the fun summer outdoor activities, there is still one place that is sure to be a blast rain or shine! The Portland’s Children’s Museum is located atop Sylvan Hill right next to the Oregon Zoo. It’s easy to get to by car, or our city’s amazing transit system. With an amazing array of inspiring, creative and educational exhibits, there is no shortage of fun here. Take a trip to Grasshopper Grocery and Butterfly Bistro. Here kids can whirl around a kid sized grocery store fully equipped with a kid sized checkout stand and kid sized carts, they can also play restaurant in the kid sized kitchen and serve all of us adults who can sit and watch all of this fun happen from the kid sized bistro bar! Kids can get a little wet in the Water Works exhibit and learn all about pouring, splashing, spraying, and floating.

Kids will love the Dig Pit exhibit as they fill up tractors and buckets and dump them out again. These are just a few examples of the sensory stimulating, mind working, smile creating exhibits as the Portland’s Children’s Museum. So grab the kids and head out for a day of fun. First Fridays are free admission from 4-8pm. For a list of museum hours, admission prices, and full overview of exhibits and events please visit www.portlandcm.org

Portland Children’s Museum
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