Portland, OR short sale agents helping to stabilize home values

The Portland Housing Market may be cooling down a bit as compared to previous weeks. With little change in buying and selling, Short Sale Listing Agents are in something of a holding pattern. Similarly, asking price per square foot is also largely unchanged.

Portland Short Sale Listing Agents

Short Sale Listing Agents in Portland, OR are helping home owners who are unable to make their mortgage payments find real solutions. A real estate short sale is a transaction where the bank agrees to accept a sale price less than what is owed on the property. The settling of home values has made it so some owners facing financial hardship unable to sell their property and face the possibility of becoming a forclosures statistic.

Richard Lockwood & Bruce Lockwood | Real Estate Brokers Licensed in the State of Oregon

If you are in danger of being foreclosed upon and have realized that loan mods won’t fix negative equity, call Richard Lockwood and Bruce Lockwood: 503-473-8001.

Real Estate Brokers Licensed in the State of Oregon.

MLS Listing Agents Data for Portland Oregon

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Portland Oregon Housing Update

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