1st Time Home Buyers

First time home buyers can depend on proven professional experience of the Lockwood
Real Estate Team with Oregon Realty Co.

We carefully and fully empower you to make decisions that are within your comfort
zone walking you through the buying process step by step so you can make informed
home purchase decision. Enjoy personal professional assistance addressing your
questions promptly accurately. It’s your money your house; we help you acquire the
home you what at the price you want while maintaining your exit strategy if the
house proves to be a lemon and you want out.

From finding the best mortgage loan for you to taking possession and title, we are
there for you.

Our team will dig deep identifying potential health risks like radon gas, lead
paint, asbestos, mold and many other health concerns. Environmental contamination
concerns will be addressed as well. You don’t want to find out after you buy that
your liable for a property has an underground storage tank contaminating the water
table or river.

Your mortgage is utmost important, we encourage and educate you on how to shop rates
and terms. We help first time home buyers with great credit and challenged credit.

Walk away power is essential when buying a home. Special care is taken to ensure you
have the ability to walk away from the purchase with your hard earned cash in hand.

Its time to make a home not just buy a house. A home is place where you make
memories and live life. It is essential you have the authority power and trust
relationship with one of Portland’s Leading Real Estate Professional Group.

Why settle for less when you can have the best.