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Short Sale Facts We get paid from the bank’s proceeds at closing…. you don’t personally owe us money. financial Hardship takes many forms… even if you’re still working and earning money there are short sale options. There are protections in

SE Portland Property Investment

Real Estate Investing One of the many questions regarding real estate investing right now is what effect falling prices in suburbs will have on more centrally located properties. With unprecedented savings possible in outlying areas such as Oregon City, Milwaukie,

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As Agents with Oregon Realty Company (Brokers Licensed in the State of OR) we offer our clients the finest service backed by our Company’s 63 year legacy of excellence in serving clients. We’ve made short sales a specialty service by

Short Sale Answers

Short Sale Foreclosure Resource Certified Real Estate Broker Licensed in Oregon. What are the tax consequences of a short sale? Answer: As Real Estate Agents we can’t give you tax or legal advice but we can recommend you read the

Metro Area Housing

The Metro Area Housing Market appears to be in a state of flux; with outlying areas still seeing price declines while more centrally located neighborhoods are seeing less declines, or even flat or increasing price trends. The question on many

Foreclosure Resources

Foreclosure Resources Now more than ever home buyers are looking to get the most for their money. Recent attention on Foreclosed Homes For Sale as a means of getting bargain-basement pricing or even buying in to equity have changed the

Beaverton Home Values

Home Values Beaverton, Oregon Median asking price for homes for sale in Beaverton, Oregon for this week is $255,000. Home Values in this area may be settling a little in that asking price has remained constant while price per square

Retirement & The Economy

Baby boomers and stock values Retirees selling stocks at a higher rate than younger investors are buying puts downward price-pressure on market. Federal Reserve Economists are questioning the effect of retirement age baby-boomers on stock values. Economists trace stock market

Fewer New Homes Built

National Housing Update July marked a slowing of construction of new homes; dropping from already low levels. The Commerce Dept. stated on Tuesday that housing starts were down by 1.5% to an annual volume of only 604,000 units (seasonally adjusted).