Clackamas County Oregon

Portland Oregon Info
Clackamas County situated more or less in the Willamette Valley of Oregon has a population of roughly 380,000 and a rather solid economic base that includes agriculture, outdoor recreation and commerce. Vast areas of land have made Clackamas popular among locals seeking opportunity to farm, ranch or just be away from the demands of city life boasting wild open spaces with vast mountain lion populations to well planned communities and infrastructure. Wild rivers, volcanic fields, forested mountains and farm lands well describe this pacific wonderland. Real Estate possibilities abound from some of the most beautiful rolling hills estates in the Wilsonville Stafford area sporting wild horses roaming white fenced pastures to organic farms in Boring & Damascus to Luxury Homes in Lake Oswego and West Linn. The Sunnyside region of…
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1st Time Home Buyers

Buying Real Estate
First time home buyers can depend on proven professional experience of the Lockwood Real Estate Team with Oregon Realty Co. We carefully and fully empower you to make decisions that are within your comfort zone walking you through the buying process step by step so you can make informed home purchase decision. Enjoy personal professional assistance addressing your questions promptly accurately. It’s your money your house; we help you acquire the home you what at the price you want while maintaining your exit strategy if the house proves to be a lemon and you want out. From finding the best mortgage loan for you to taking possession and title, we are there for you. Our team will dig deep identifying potential health risks like radon gas, lead paint, asbestos, mold…
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Regional Multiple Listing Service

Real Estate
Regional Multiple Listing Service Portland RMLS is a cooperative corporation owned by its members each having one voting share. Members include but are not limited to; Real Estate Agents, Appraisers, Banks, and web site managers. The public can access and search for residential, multi-family, commercial, lots & land and farm listing data directly through Consumers can also access listing data through a multitude of websites such as agent websites, Redfin and Zillow as RMLS allows member associate members and other industry insiders real-time listing data through IDX. These other entities are allowed IDX access to reprint and make available online listing services and sales data. Some third party websites charge agents a fee to be promoted on their sites as a neighborhood or area expert. Agents pay Redfin to…
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Housing Wanes Amid Economic Unrest

Homeownership Lowest in 13 Years The US economy (having never fully recovered from the great recession) is experiencing a waning housing market and Portland Oregon seems to be following this national trend. Economic uncertainty surrounding the Federal Government shutdown, healthcare and future tax liability have made many key industry players including builders and investors a little more than uneasy in recent months. These concerns, combined with normal seasonal slowing off the industry have combined to undermine recent gains in residential home values. According to the National Association of Realtors today’s home ownership is the lowest it has been in the last 13 years. The US Census reports new household formation was 380,000 down from 2 million pre-recession levels. A new household is established when a person rents an apartment or…
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