Beaverton Housing Report

Portland Real Estate Market
This weeks existing home sale report brings good news tempered somewhat by mixed signals. Let’s look at the good news first. It is a sellers market believed to be inspired by low inventory. Limited supply has given Beaverton home sellers advantage over buyers simply because there isn’t much available for buyers to pick through. That does not give sellers unbridled power to jack prices sky high as bank appraisers and valuation guidelines are tempering this rapid run-up of perceived value. Prices can only naturally appreciate so fast and it appears that another real estate bubble may be in its nascent stages. Would-be investors are to praise or blame for the current run-up of prices and run-down of inventory. When selling a Beaverton home the investor driven price structure can be…
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January 2014 Portland Residential Property Market

Real Estate
January, 2014 Housing Market For Portland, Oregon. Low Inventory of Residential Single Family Homes Pushing Portland Housing Higher, Realtor's Data Shows RMLS Residential Property Data released in January 2014 show sustained low inventory throughout 2013. Realtors in Portland, OR note that buyers seem anxious to put a deal together out of fear that market pressure will price them out of the market and as experience has shown, those buyers may be right. Increased buyer activity and decreased homes available for sale (despite the fact that more homes are coming on the market) lead many real estate agents and many property speculators feel very bullish about the local market. Marked Increases in Closed Deals, Sale Prices The year in review for 2013 shows 26,782 completed transactions as compared to the 23,438…
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