January, 2016: Portland Housing, Economic Update

From the Article: ...will bad news from Wall Street and Asia rain on Portland's parade or will the distant rolls of thunder merely echo nay-sayers beating the drum of chimerical doom & gloom? Despite recent upsets and a dismal start to the trading year on Wall Street, home-buyers in Portland, Oregon remain extremely bullish on the local real estate market. International issues such as China's burgeoning debt crisis along with foreign trading markets being flooded with newly available petroleum energy have led to record stock-market volatility; with many sources noting that the new 2016 fiscal year is the worst on record for many stock exchanges worldwide. In contrast, factors such as local job growth and strong demand for Portland's unique "Northwest" lifestyle mean that homes throughout the metro area are…
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Testimonial: Jumbo Loan Short Sale In Portland, OR

Portland Testimonials
At times, home owners with jumbo loans may have debts well into seven figures on real estate they own in the Portland Metro area and we can help those clients with short sales too. Below is an excerpt from a letter we received from a client who we helped with a jumbo loan short sale that also involved a 2nd lien that was a cash-out home equity line of credit. Equity lines, seven figure debts and luxury homes all present unique challenges but our experience and success with these transactions means you'll be in good hands. Call us today to learn more about what to expect from your bank and how we can help you: 503-473-8001. ...My situation involved selling a high end home to avoid pending foreclosure. I had…
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