80’s Video Dance Attack

Okay Portlanders, that includes Realtors too, get ready to tease that hair, put on your stone washed jeans, wear some neon’s or leather and get ready for Portland’s best dance party! Every Friday night at the Crystal Ballroom on 14th and Burnside at 8pm is where you will find VJ Kittyrox. Dance the night away to the best of the 80s and check out the giant projection screen that will be showing the best of 80’s MTV!

The Crystal Ballroom offers a bit of Portland history. The Ballroom opened its doors on 1914, right at the upstart on WWI, and for 90 plus years it has gone through many changes, but has always been a great place to dance and hear live music. During the Great Depression dance rivals were arranges to life spirits and get peoples mind off the times, in the 60’s the Crystal Ballroom hosted some big time rockers like Tina Turner, The Grateful Dead, Buffalo Springfield and many more. In 1997 the McMenamins brothers purchased the Crystal Ballroom and they have continued the tradition offering big name performances, fun dance parties, great food and lots of fun!

Can you imagine seeing a Portland Realtor doing the boogie, ahhh booggie ooggy ooggy.

For more information on the Crystal Ballroom and 80’s Video Dance Attached please visit http://www.mcmenamins.com/

80’s Video Dance Attack
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