Access Academy at Sabin School Portland, OR

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Access Academy is a School in Portland, Oregon. It is also referred to as Access Alternative Program at Sabin School. This school for the gifted focuses on an accelerated curriculum program for highly intelligent students throughout the entire Portland Public School District that have achieved national aptitude scores in the 99th percentile. With a limited enrollment of 200 students, the program is suitable for students with asynchrony and behavioral issues that gifted students often experience. The Academy encourages academic and intellectual excellence with individual social and emotional support. Access Academy is located at Sabin School in NE Portland, near NE 18th and Fremont serving grade levels 2-8.

Access Academy at Sabin School Portland OR
District Map Sabin School Access Academy

School Address

Access Academy
4013 NE 18th Ave
Portland, OR 97212

Phone: 503-916-6482
Fax: 503-916-2547
Grade levels: 2-8
Principal; Pat Thompson