Beaverton Realtors

With today’s unsettled housing market Beaverton Realtors & Short Sale Negotiators are helping home owners sell upside down properties in order to reduce excessive housing costs. Reduced equity lowers a home owners incentive to make costly mortgage payments while life events like going back to college, job transfers, corporate layoffs and bad news for the national economy bring these issues to the forefront for many property owners.

Common Short Sale Issues

  • Negative equity
  • Job Transfer makes owning a Beaverton Home no longer practical
  • Increased living expenses or property taxes
  • Reduced income or corporate layoffs
  • Effect of national economy on the local economy
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Short Sale Negotiators

Short Sale Negotiators serving Beaverton here to help you. Be proactive by dealing with negative equity and the need to move. As Realtors in the metro area we’ve found that most of our clients want to eliminate debt while avoiding foreclosure or just want a chance to start over. Options like HAFA (Home Affordability Foreclosure Alternative) offer approved home owners cash incentives of up to $3,000 as well as much needed debt forgiveness which allows our clients a new lease on their financial lives. Get more details about HAFA at and when you’re ready to take the next step call our direct line.

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Specialists In Short Sale Transactions

As licensed agents and specialists in distressed property transactions we can help you sell your house while preparing the paperwork to submit the required documentation to your bank. We have experience with a very wide selection of banks and we use that experience to help our clients have a successful Short Sale Experience.