Best Realtor in Portland, Oregon

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    Question: Who is “The Best” Realtor in Portland, Oregon?

  1. Defining “The Best” depends on what criteria is used.
  2. Portland real estate agents with top sales numbers may get the job done, but if they’re too busy then chances are you may only really get the full attention of an assistant.
  3. A better question may be: “who’s the best Realtor for you?”
  4. When interviewing a Realtor look for experience, strong ethics, brokerage reputation and how well they understand your needs. Also, make sure the real estate agent has time for you.
  5. Listing Agent vs Buyer Agent, or both? A specialist “buyer’s agent” has the advantage of being tuned-in on exactly what buyers are looking for. On the other hand, a listing agent has a wealth of knowledge on sellers are looking for when a buyer writes an offer. We serve buyers and sellers and use this experience to help buyers and sellers better understand where the other party is coming from.
  6. Local vs National Chain? National chains like Zillow or Redfin may have slick mobile apps but they’re huge conglomerate companies that can’t focus on Portland, Oregon like we do. Oregon Realty Company is a local firm but we’re also the largest independent firm in the state. Being a local company means we know the market better. Being the largest independent firm in the state means we have the budget to retain highly skilled support staff and the best in managing supervision.
  7. By these criteria, Richard & Bruce Lockwood are the best Realtors in Portland, Oregon. We put our clients’ needs first while giving our professionalism, experience and strong ethics all with the support of Oregon Realty Co’s 70 year heritage of service to our state. Other real estate agents may sell more houses but that’s because we give each of our clients enough time to make sure the job gets done right.
  8. Call us and we’ll make it happen: 503-473-8001

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