Clackamas County Oregon

Clackamas County situated more or less in the Willamette Valley of Oregon has a
population of roughly 380,000 and a rather solid economic base that includes
agriculture, outdoor recreation and commerce. Vast areas of land have made Clackamas
popular among locals seeking opportunity to farm, ranch or just be away from the
demands of city life boasting wild open spaces with vast mountain lion populations
to well planned communities and infrastructure. Wild rivers, volcanic fields,
forested mountains and farm lands well describe this pacific wonderland.

Real Estate possibilities abound from some of the most beautiful rolling hills
estates in the Wilsonville Stafford area sporting wild horses roaming white fenced
pastures to organic farms in Boring & Damascus to Luxury Homes in Lake Oswego and
West Linn. The Sunnyside region of Happy Valley has many well appointed homes as

You can still find large and small acreage parcels for sale at reasonable prices.
100 acre parcels are available for sale as well as 1 acre lots with varying
improvements ranging from raw dirt to land with a house, riding arenas and work

With extensive experience in purchasing, selling and developing Clackamas County
the Lockwood Real Estate Team brings critical knowledge and insight to the
table in dealing with your real estate transaction. Risk management is essential
when dealing with the multitude of variables this wild region can present. With
1,866 square miles of land drinking water and septic compatibility can be readily
available or somewhat elusive depending on the geographic strata structure and
surface soil. Water is an important element of rural living. Well drillers are paid
by the foot as the owner decides where to drill. Whether water is found or not is
not the concern of the driller. Some of the purest water in world comes out of the
ground in Clackamas County but water wells can vary drastically with high iron
concentrations that are not potable to coliform contamination. Yes, water witching
is still practiced here although I prefer the logical geo-scientific approach.

As local Real Estate Agents we address and help to identify possible risks and
solutions concerning bare land and rural living.