Clackamas Oregon Home Values

Home Values & Market Trends in Clackamas, Oregon

The Clackamas Oregon Housing Market has remained more or less flat recently. Median asking price has dropped to $275,000 average the average time a listing stays on the market is also dropping. Days on market dropping favors sellers while dropping prices favor buyers. As such, while we can’t predict the future it does appear that the market has flattened out for the time being. With this in mind its vital for you to have professional representation. We’re top producing Clackamas Real Estate Agents and we’re ready to produce results for you today.

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Prices For Homes In Clackamas

Buyer activity has remained stable and it seems that sustained increases in buyer demand would be necessary to change current Clackamas home values in a major way. Neighboring Happy Valley, Oregon has seen similar downward pricing pressure without the benefit of dropping market time and stable buyer interest. In many ways Clackamas real estate represents a more affordable, budget-minded option compared to many of the luxury homes available in Happy Valley.

Buyer Activity Clackamas Housing Market