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West Portland Suburbs: Homes For Sale By Area

Click on your area of interest below for local information and links to homes for sale sorted by price range. You can contact us via the website to book a tour or just pick up the phone. If you’re calling, be sure to let us know which properties you’re most interested in by using the MLS number as a reference. Thanks again for choosing us as your Realtors for your purchase in West Portland and surrounding areas.

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Homes For Sale In Aloha, Oregon.

Browse our free search of residential property listings in the Aloha area. Homes are arranged in descending order by price. If you’re looking for a home above or below this price range you can also use our advanced real estate search for free as well. People considering homes for sale in Aloha on the west side may also like to peruse our free Beaverton real estate listings search in the tab below.

Aloha, Oregon can trace its roots back to the year 1912 when the Aloha post office opened. Before this, the region was simply referred to as Wheeler’s Crossing. While there have been previous attempts to incorporate this “census designated place” such efforts were unsuccessful because the community was unable to provide adequate municipal services required of proper cities.

Located just to the west of Beaverton and east of Hillsboro, Aloha is a popular place to live at least partly due to the resounding success of hi-tech firms and the jobs that have come to the area with them. If it’s time to make your real estate dream into a reality, give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for. Until then, we hope you get the most out of our fast, free real estate listings search tools.

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ton, Oregon.

West side MLS listings & residential homes for sale. Beaverton, Oregon is both a popular suburb of Portland, Oregon and also a thriving independent city in its own right. International business such as Nike*, Intel and many others have brought high-paying jobs in addition to lucrative commerce and ideas to the region. Beaverton and its nearby sibling Hillsboro make up Washington County’s economic nerve center and have been dubbed the “Silicon Forest” due to the high concentration of hi-tech companies operating in the region. Can’t find the right house in Beaverton? You may also nearby Aloha or Hillsboro.

Located in the Tualatin River Valley, Beaverton was so-named due to its large population of beavers (incidentally, this is also our Oregon State Animal). Early settlers called the area “Beaverdam” and the rest as they say is history.

Currently, HWY 217 & HWY 26 West connect with the I5 corridor to provide transportation arteries for those who commute into Portland. These transportation hubs also serve to transport manufactured goods to and from technology and manufacturing centers on the west side. On the green side, the MAX Light Rail system now connects Beaverton to Hillsboro and downtown Portland providing a much-needed mass transit option to reduce the area’s carbon footprint. To get the most out of our free, no sign-up required home search tools be sure to call us when it’s time to make your real estate dreams come to fruition.

*For those who really want to get technical: Nike World Headquarters is not technically part of the city of Beaverton, but is an unincorporated section completely surrounded by the city.

Living In Beaverton, Oregon

Typical Area Home Style

Single family residences, Townhouses, condos, row-houses as well as fine luxury homes create excellent opportunities for buyers in a wide variety of budgets and layouts. Ample shopping, a progressive mass transit system, multiple public parks, and a high number of technology centers make Beaverton a great place to work and live. Please contact us directly if you are interested in selling or buying Beaverton real estate.

Beaverton Oregon, History

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ton has a long history in Oregon. Natives had a village named “Chakeipi” which means “place of the beaver”. Similarly, early settlers referred to the area as “Beaverdam” due to large bodies of water created by beavers. In 1893, the city of Beaverton was incorporated and boasted a population of 400 people. The city of Beaverton has grown considerably over the years, with recent estimates indicating a population of 86,205 people. In addition, Beaverton has made a ten year plan to annex several nearby unincorporated neighborhoods including Cedar Mill, Bethany, Aloha, Cedar Hills, West Slope, Raleigh Hills and Garden Home. If all of these neighborhoods were included in Beaverton today its population would be 280,000 people, making it the second largest city in Oregon. Although support for annexation is mixed, city officials maintain that these areas are directly benefiting from the city without bearing any of the financial responsibility. Regardless of questions regarding annexation, the Beaverton real estate market remains a fast-growing area with much to offer. Please contact us directly if you are interested in selling or buying Beaverton real estate for sale.

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Beaverton Jobs & Local Job Market

Beaverton, like Hillsboro, is part of Oregon’s Silicon Forest. So named for the high number of technology companies located in and around the area. Beaverton is home to Tektronics, Open Source Development Labs, the Linux Technology Center of IBM, the Audubon Society of Portland, and Maxim Integrated Products . Beaverton is also home to Nike’s World headquarters (although the expansive campus is surrounded by Beaverton, Nike’s headquarters is not included in the city limits). Other local employers include Reser’s Fine Foods, which has been located in Beaverton Oregon since 1960. Leupold & Stevens, manufacturer of specialized optical equipment is located adjacent to the city of Beaverton. Please contact us directly if you are interested in selling or buying property.


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Forest Grove, OR Homes For Sale:

Feel free to browse our Forest Grove home search. No sign-up, no hassle, we offer this free service to the community because we believe that giving our clients superior service is the best advertisement. Others who searched Forest Grove real estate listings also considered homes for sale in Hillsboro. Let us know what you think and how we can help you.

Originally a small farming community to the west of the Portland Metro Area, today Forest Grove is something of a bedroom community for Portland, Beaverton and Hillsboro. This community is the oldest in Washington County, with its origins in the 1840’s when early pioneers first settled the Tualatin River Valley. Pacific University is a long-time fixture in the city providing higher education for the region.

Interestingly, the old “Oregon Electric Railway” which served the region starting 1908 means that Forest Grove was “green” before it was cool. Although this early, trailblazing effort at green transportation folded in 1932 it was certainly an early sign of things yet to come. With its rich local history, there are multiple homes and buildings throughout the area that are on the Registry of National Historic Places. But don’t worry there’s also plenty of new homes to choose from in this area.

Thanks for using our free and simple homes for sale page. We wish you all the best in your real estate endeavors and trust that you’ll give us a call when it’s time to make your home-buying dreams come true.

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Hillsboro, Oregon Homes For Sale

Nestled in the Tualatin Valley just west of Portland. Hillsboro has made it to the top of many people’s list for places to live. Excellent career opportunities in the hi-tech sector and clean, quiet neighborhoods featuring newer homes with well-maintained yards all add to the area’s many charms. People using our free Hillsboro real estate search were also interested in Homes in Beaverton.

Hillsboro, Oregon is the fifth largest city in the state and is centrally located in the Tualatin River Valley adjacent to Aloha and Beaverton. Much more than a bedroom community for Portland, Hillsboro has become an epicenter for technology firms and innovation in what has become known as the “Silicon Forest”. Companies like Intel, Hewlett Packard, Epson and others offer lucrative careers and have helped create the thriving local economy.

Browse through our free Hillsboro real estate search and let us know what you think. We want your experience to be positive and we also want to make it easy for you to sort through the myriad MLS listings and find the homes that you like. Want to see a property in real life? Call us to book a home tour today!
Hillsboro Real Estate is in high demand. This bustling suburb of Portland, Oregon has a lot to offer including homes for sale in nearly every price range and budget. From modern luxury homes to comfortable one-level “ranch” style homes there’s something for everyone. Of interest to all Oregonians are the large number of high-tech jobs available in this westerly suburb of the metro area. Computer and Electronics companies as well as internet based companies have made such a positive impact on the Oregon Economy that the area has been nicknamed the “Silicon Forest”. For those that work Downtown, this suburb offers a simple commute in to the Portland Metro Area. When you’re ready to take the next step with Hillsboro, Oregon real estate call us immediately. We’re Brokers with Oregon Realty Company and we’re here to help you get the most out of your hard earned money.

Living in Hillsboro, Oregon

Like neighboring Beaverton, OR Hillsboro’s roots as a farming community can sometimes still be seen despite the finishing touches of modern living. High tech companies such as Intel have extensive facilities in the area making this an ideal choice for those interested in working in technology-related fields. Luxury Estates as well as clean, practical homes can all be found in the Hillsboro housing market. Convenient shopping destinations, local produce and an annual airshow are a few of the many highlights.

Local Job Market

Hillsboro, Oregon History

The city of Hillsboro, Oregon can trace its roots to early Pioneers David Hill, Isaiah Kelsey and Richard Williams who founded the first American settlement (1842) in what is now the city of Hillsboro. In those early years the area was known as either East Tualatin (so named for the local Native American Tribe), Columbia until the town was named Hillsborough in honor of David Hill for selling a portion of his land to become city property. The Town was incorporated as its modern name in the fall of 1876. 19th century development of the region was spurred on by the addition of the Oregon and California Railroad in 1871. More recent developments include the addition of the MAX Light Rail System which connected Hillsboro to the Portland Metro Area via Light-Rail in 1998. Today this area remains popular due to the area’s strong influence in technology, with many technology firms having manufacturing and administrative facilities within the city limits. Also worthy of note is the nearby Nike World Campus which is an unincorporated section of land located within nearby Beaverton, OR. Additional info on Hillsboro, OR History.


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Homes For Sale In Lake Oswego, Oregon

Browse below to view currently available Lake Oswego real estate listings. Although this sought-after community is very close to downtown Portland the mature trees surrounding many of the area’s luxury homes gives one a peacefully rugged northwest feel. If Lake Oswego is close but not quite right, you might consider nearby properties available in West Linn as a viable alternative.

Far removed from its humble beginnings in Oregon’s brief foray into the iron industry during the 1860’s, today Lake Oswego has come to be defined by the comfortable homes and generally affluent residents. Oversized lots and majestic conifers provide much-needed privacy and northwest tranquility to our otherwise busy lives. The town is located just a few short minutes south of downtown making this area practical in addition to being peaceful. Lake Oswego’s highly sought-after “First Addition” provides fine living within easy walking distance to local shopping and entertainment venues. For others, nothing beats a lakefront luxury home. For those who prefer not to get their feet wet, there’s also many excellent homes with commanding territorial and lake views on the many hills and ridges that surround the area.

We hope you get the most out of our free home search tools. As always, there’s no sign-up required and all listing information is updated in real-time to ensure our clients remain informed. Time to make it happen? Give us a call to book your home tour today!

Come Live on The Lake
Fine Homes surrounded by scenic beauty… and just minutes from downtown.
Call us to learn more about Lake Oswego.

Lakefront Homes

As one of the most sought-after suburbs of the Metro Area, area home values reflect this. Lake Oswego, Oregon’s charm is partly due to its lake front property, expansive estate properties, spectacular gardens, breathtaking views of Oswego Lake, and its wide assortment of spectacular architectural designs. One often sees homes with features such as impressive views, expansive floor-plans, immaculately maintained gardens, peaceful walking paths and of course comfortable living comes standard. With all of this just a short drive from downtown no wonder this area is popular.

Conveniently located just minutes from downtown Portland it comes as no surprise that people with the resources choose to live here. Whether you are looking to take a leisurely hike, a heart-pumping mountain bike ride, or a quick stroll through the downtown area to window shop or enjoy fine ding, you can find it all here. Lake Oswego’s luxury estates have been home to Portland Trail Blazers LaMarcus Aldridge in addition to many other notable Portlanders. Call us to learn more and begin your search.

Area Parks & Activities

Residents of Lake Oswego, Oregon are rewarded by its serene and peaceful environment. Finely crafted Lake Oswego Homes For Sale are surrounded by majestic trees and stunning natural beauty and in close proximity to local parks, hiking trails and the Willamette River. It is also home to the Elk Rock Gardens of the Bishop’s Close. This local attraction is a 13 acre estate with English Garden is open to the public 7 days a week. Visitors enjoy the beautiful Magnolia lined paths with other native and non-native shrubberies grace this estate.

Local Info & History

Lake Oswego, Oregon is bordered by the Willamette River and Tryon Creek State Park to the east and west respectively. Located west of the Willamette River and a short spell south of downtown Portland, Oregon. The community is mainly residential with some retail shops and restaurants catering to the locals. The area is known for exquisite view properties, luxury estate properties, waterfront homes as well as more scaled down luxury homes.

The private body of water for which the city is named is managed by the Lake Oswego Corporation and is navigable by boat, with a dock at the east end where boaters can disembark and walk to the nearby businesses. The main canal from the Tualatin River was dug in the early part of the century. Paul Murphy developed the area as a Country Club and helped promote the new city as a place to “live where you play.” Murphy was instrumental in developing the first water system to supply the western reaches of the city and also played a key role in encouraging the design of fine homes in the 1930s and 1940s that ultimately would establish this area as an attractive place to live. The two high schools in the district are Lake Oswego High School and Lakeridge High School. There are nine elementary schools and two junior high schools for students in grade 7 and 8.


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North Plains Homes For Sale

Browse below for North Plains, Oregon (97133 zip code) residential homes for sale. Our property search allows you to see what’s available in real time and is simple and easy to use. As always, our free search is truly free and doesn’t have any cumbersome login or sign-up required. If you’re looking at residential properties in North Plains you might also consider MLS Listings in Hillsboro.

North Plains, Oregon is a small community on the western outskirts of the Portland Metro Area. North Plains is overshadowed at by the much larger city of Hillsboro, which is located to the south. Worthy of note, the Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club is located just outside of North Plains and was the site of the U.S. Women’s Open in both ’97 & ’03. If this piques your interest and if it’s high time you booked a home tour to see these properties in person make us your first call.

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Residential Homes For Sale in Sherwood, OR:
Sorted by Price

Sherwood, Oregon is a small town just off the Tualatin River and is located Southwest of Portland. For many, this town strikes the perfect balance of small town living which is why its rated so highly in terms of livability in many national poles. If you’d rather be a little bit closer in, feel free to shop homes for sale in Tigard, which is located just to the northeast.

Sherwood, Oregon is considered by many to be an ideal smaller town to live in. To wit, Money Magazine named Sherwood its Top 20 Most livable towns in America for the year 2007. Similar accolades followed in 2009 from Family Circle, who lauded the town as one of the most family-friendly small towns in the country. We hope you get the most out of our free & easy to use home search and be sure to let us know which homes interest you the most. Come see what makes this area rate so high at a national level and book a home tour today.

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Tualatin Homes For Sale

Browse below to see current listings of homes for sale in Tualatin, Oregon. Our powerful and free property search engine automatically updates with quality properties available for purchase. Unlike national chain-websites; we’re local Realtors helping you find the right home for your needs. Feel free to use our property locator features as much as you’d like and don’t hesitate to call us to book a tour in person. You may also consider real estate for sale in Tigard as well.

This suburb of Portland is located just south of nearby Tigard, Oregon. Tualatin derives its name from the Tualatin River and valley that also share the name. Conveniently located at the southern confluence of I5 and I205, this suburb of Portland is known for upscale and modern suburban homes and quiet streets are surrounded by Oregon’s famous evergreen trees. Our free property search automatically updates to show the most current MLS listings available in Tualatin. If you find a home you want to learn more about don’t hesitate to call.

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Scroll down to view current MLS listings of homes for sale in Tigard, Oregon. As always, our property search features are open and free to the general public with no sign-up or login required. Tigard and nearby Bull Mountain have much to offer with many modern, comfortable homes available. People interested in Tigard may also consider expanding their search to include adjacent communities such as Tualatin or Lake Oswego real estate listings.

MLS Listings in Tigard, Oregon

The area that is now Tigard was settled by a prominent family of the same name in the 1840’s. Originally, the area was known as “East Butte” and was renamed “Tigardville” in 1886 and later the name was further interpolated into its current form of Tigard. This conveniently located city offers residents close proximity to both Portland and Beaverton via I5 and highway 217 respectively while also being near the I205 beltway. This ease of freeway access makes life easy for those who wish to avoid long commutes in rush hour traffic.

Not only is the area practical, it also has plenty of green space, mature trees and territorial views to brighten things up. Come find out why so many people want to live here. We appreciate your business and offer our free home search as a way of saying thank you. Call us when it’s time for you to tour any of these beautiful homes available now in Tigard, OR.

With a close proximity to downtown Portland, shopping centers, public parks, and a strong school system, it’s no surprise that homes in the Tigard area are in high demand. This clean, upscale suburb is located just minutes southwest of Portland in Washington County. As a community, this area strives to manage this growth and blend the amenities of a modern city with the friendliness and community spirit of a small town. Please contact us directly if you are interested in selling or buying real estate in the Tigard Market.

Tigard, Oregon | Local Information

Fun local events spice up life in this vibrant community. One such event is the Yearly Festival of Balloons. This annual event combines carnival rides, food, local craft beers and a famous hot-air balloon launch all in one family-friendly weekend. Geographically, the city of Tigard is officially divided into 13 geographic areas around elementary schools and major transportation routes. Residents appreciate the excellent compromise of spacious suburban housing along with urban amenities. Much like the many other wonderful Portland communities, Tigard is well-connected to the rest of the metropolitan region yet retains a unique local style and flavor all its own. Locals enjoy its clean living atmosphere, progressive mass transit system and close proximity to downtown Portland as well as Oregon’s technology innovation area known as Silicon Forest.

Lincoln Tower


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West Linn Homes For Sale

We hope you find our free West Linn real estate search helpful and offer this complimentary service as a way of saying thank you to our new and repeat clients. Unlike the national chain-websites, we are real people in your local community and we’re proud to be part of your home-buying process. If you’re looking at purchasing a home in this area you might also consider homes for sale in Tigard, OR.

West Linn is a city in Oregon located to the southeast of Lake Oswego on the west side of the Willamette River. Originally platted as “Robin’s Nest” in the year 1843. The town was renamed “Linn City” in 1845 as tribute to the prominent senator Lewis Linn. In these early years Linn City was a prosperous town and some contend that it’s nascent social and economic success perhaps rivaled that of nearby Oregon City until a fire and the flood of 1862 wiped out the early progress of Linn City. The City of West Linn as it exists today was incorporated in 1913 and later combined with the town of Willamette. Today, West Linn is a prosperous suburb of Portland and is home to about 25,000 residents.

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