Hillsboro Short Sale Negotiators

Hillsboro Home Owners: “Doing the Right Thing” Through Short Sale

When we help you complete a short sale of your home in Hillsboro, Oregon you can rest assured that you’re doing the right thing. These transactions are a way for us to explain your situation to the bank in a way the bank understands; then we arrive at a win-win agreement between you and your lender to sell the property at today’s value. The foreclosure process is very costly to the bank and damaging to home owners. As such, our team of experienced Realtors who are short sale specialists work on your behalf to make sure you AND the bank both avoid the foreclosure. Sometimes, life just doesn’t go our way and that’s where negotiators who are short sale specialists can help you.

You don’t pay us, we get paid out of the bank’s proceeds only if the property sells

We work for YOU – Not the bank!

We’re Realtors and short sale specialists here to help home owners in Hillsboro who need to sell their property but owe more than it’s worth. One important thing to realize is that you’re not alone. We’ve helped a growing multitude of home owners regain their peace of mind by coming to a mutual agreement with their lender(s) so the home owner can get on with their lives and the bank can recover some of their funds. Banks would prefer get some of their investment back rather than throwing good money after bad chasing a Hillsboro foreclosure. The short sale is a proactive step you can take to deal with your upside down mortgage head on and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Oregon Realty Company:
Share In Our 65 Year Legacy of Exceptional Customer Service

Serving Oregon since 1948; our tradition of uncompromising quality as a real estate brokerage shows in every one of our many short sale transactions. During these trying times we have emerged as pioneers of the Hillsboro short sale specialist field. As negotiators, we’re well-read on the latest industry trends and technologies but we don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s our personal service that continually earns our clients’ respect. Thank you for choosing us.

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