How To Fill Out The Wells Fargo Short Sale Affidavit

Who am I?
• I am a real estate broker licensed in Oregon
• Broker with Oregon Realty Company
Top producing short sale agent

• I am not an attorney or accountant and this video is not legal, tax or financial advice.
• That said, these are forms common to the short sale process and you will see them if you are involved in short sale real estate with wells fargo.

Short Sale Affidavit Tips:
• Ensure you have the current form version and call in to 866-903-1053.
• Don’t wait for the bank to ask for the form.
• Use the last date on the sales contract.
• Fill in all details buyer & seller address.
• Put the following language on an addendum: “This contract shall not be assignable under any circumstances”.
• NO CROSSING THINGS OUT. Reprint and start over if you make a mistake.
• No “fudging” letters or words, writing over a typo in heavy pen can result in documents being rejected. Just start over if you make a mistake.
• Use name(s) exactly as they appear on loan documents.*
*Buyer agents, don’t fill in seller names from MLS or tax records as these may be slightly different than bank records.
• Get the best possible document scans. Remember, other people will have to print & sign after you.
• No digital signatures, we Realtors love DocuSign but bank underwriters don’t universally accept it.

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By Richard Lockwood
Real Estate Broker
Licensed in the State of Oregon