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Lake Oswego Housing Market | Values

For early September, 2012 the median list price for detached homes for sale in Lake Oswego is $632,475 which is lower than asking prices seen earlier in the summer buying season. Home buyers’ activity has also been trending down recently which has contributed to average days on market for mls listings to climb to 206. While nobody can predict the future, flagging buyer demand, settling prices combined with increased market times may tend to indicate a weakening market or at least a slowdown in this year’s home values rebound. Other areas such as Happy Valley, Oregon have seen similar market conditions in recent weeks.

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Listing Your Home:
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In these uncertain times you need to put our real estate experience to work for you. With an in-depth Comparative Market Analysis, top-notch listing service and a team of Lake Oswego Realtors representing your needs you’ll be able to sell with confidence. Our team is well-versed in private sales involving fine homes, historic properties and yes even short sales and foreclosures. With recent increases in home values your listing probably isn’t a short sale but chances are there’s still at least one in your neighborhood and you need to know what you’re up against. Foreclosures and short sales often sell much cheaper and our insight can help make sure your pristine property doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Dial us direct to get the latest information specific to your neighborhood: 503-473-8001.

Buying a Home:
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Choosing to buy a home is a big decision. Once that decision is made then come a hundred other questions such as area, must-haves, can’t stands and of course price range. Also, how important is time and condition of the property? If you don’t mind the extra wait or doing some repairs a short sale or a foreclosure listing can often be a way to make your money go further. However, as someone once said “time is money” so for you getting a nice place to live now may be worth more than waiting around for months hunting for the “perfect” deal. After all, if you’re in an expensive rental right now or just need a place to live urgently then getting a good deal rather than a “once-in-a-blue-moon” deal may be worth considering. Lake Oswego Agents serving you.
Call us today and tell us what you want to do: 503-473-8001.

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