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    Short Sale Facts

  • We get paid from the bank’s proceeds at closing…. you don’t personally owe us
  • financial Hardship takes many forms… even if you’re still working and earning
    money there are short sale options.
  • There are protections in place for Oregon Home Owners facing foreclosure… we
    can help you.
  • Mortgage Debt Forgiveness applies to most Oregon home owners: Learn More on the IRS Site
    and then call us.
  • We are Brokers Licensed in The State Of Oregon with Oregon Realty Company… we
    are backed by 63 years of stable & reliable service.

If you live in Lake Oswego and need to get a fresh start call us to learn how
our experience can help you. In this economy many people are tired of making
excessive mortgage payments on properties that are upside-down on their loans. In
these scenarios, owners who may still have very solid incomes are pushed to the
point of financial hardship simply because they are unable to sell their property or
refinance. This is where to
expect going in.

Other Lake Oswego clients have received career offers in other cities but cannot
sell due to negative equity. In these scenarios the financial hardship is clear-cut
because even affluent people are frequently stretched thin trying to support a new
residence near their career relocation while supporting the dead weight of a bad
mortgage. If this is your scenario it should be comforting to know that we’ve
helped many people in this scenario to successfully short sale their real estate
while getting rid of bad debt.
In this housing market you need strong short sale negotiators on your side… the
bank has professional bill collectors working for them so make sure you have a team
of Lake Oswego Realtors experienced in short sales working for you.