Oregon Foreclosures Jump 236%

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Immediate Foreclosure Intervention

Bank reposessions jumped 236% in April according to the Oregon Department of Justice (ODOJ) July 2011 report. Portland, Beaverton, Tigard and Gresham were not exempt from the substantial increase of foreclosure activity. DOJ report goes further in expressing continued Real Estate market stress for quite some time to come with no clear indication of market bottom other than we are not there yet.

FYI; the homeowner does not bear the costs of Real Estate Commissions or escrow or closing. You will pay no professional or transaction fees.

If you or someone you know needs dependable Short Sale Professional assistance, feel free to contact our office for comprehensive confidential solutions. We actively intervene in the foreclosure process advocating for homeowners that are facing a mortgage default and adverse credit action.

Having a foreclosure intervention success rate of 100% through these trying times has helped many people in tough situations empowering people & families to re-purchase homes at today’s market price with low interest rate loans. Think of a Short Sale as moving forward in a market that is moving backwards.

Stop Foreclosure

10,500 Oregon homes were foreclosed in 2010. Please take action today by calling our intervention team of Specialists.
FYI; the National Association of Realtors reports that a Short Sale can have an impact as little as a 50 point on your credit score.