Short Sale Agent Update


All information is kept strictly confidential. We generally don’t even put up yard signs because many home owners don’t want their short sale to be widely publicized within the neighborhood. It’s true that people may see your property listed on the MLS (especially if they’re trying to sell theirs too) but let’s not make it Headline News for the local gossips. In years past many chose an agent from amongst their friends/family. And, while that may have merit many of our clients tell us they don’t want to share information with people they have to see socially. After all, who wants to hear about their short sale at Thanksgiving or the Office Christmas Party?

In a short sale the fact that you don’t know us and we don’t know you and your friends is a good thing…. Get rid of your negative equity discreetly.

Get Rid Of Negative Equity

The response of many Americans to political pundits stating that the recession is over, to borrow a slogan from Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign, “It’s the economy, stupid!” Many lenders have generous homeowner short sale qualification standards for hardship, income and net worth. For high income earners & high net worth individuals we perform Strategic Default Short Sales and have had exceptional success in closing Strategic Default transactions where homeowners just don’t want to support bad mortgage debt anymore.

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No Out of Pocket Expense To Homeowners

There are no out of pocket seller expenses for our Short Sale Negotiation Services; we get paid a portion of the bank’s proceeds of the transaction. We don’t get paid unless we’re successful and our commission is paid out as part of the bank’s settlement of the mortgage… After all, if the bank did not agree to the short sale they’d have to pay a Realtor to sell it as a foreclosure so the bank accepts responsibility for our commission because (much like death and taxes) at the end of the day they don’t have a choice. Banks also realize that success in a foreclosure alternative transaction is statistically impossible without an experienced agent working with the homeowner and potential buyers. With this in mind, banks paying our commission out of the proceeds has become the industry standard.

Out of State Sellers

25% of our portfolio is comprised of out-of-state sellers. These transactions require special attention and we’re very familiar with these types of scenarios. Job transfers for borrowers and/or spouses, lifestyle changes and more often mean that homeowners need to relocate out of state. Our experience in closing these deals may just give you the inside track to putting your negative equity property behind you so you can get a fresh start in a new location. Some clients find themselves renting out their old house at a loss and can’t afford to pay the bank more than the house rents for. Frequently, owners subsidizing an out of state house with out of pocket money are often experiencing a qualifying short sale hardship.

Credit Rating Salvation

NAR / REBAC have stated a short sale may only affect an individual’s credit rating by 40 credit score points. Not bad. On the other hand a foreclosure or walk-away may affect credit score ratings by as much as 450 points. Bankruptcy can affect a credit score by 350 points. Negative credit score points are cumulative and not exclusive of one anther. We work with people to minimize credit score impact.

We settle debt with most banks and federal agencies including but not limited to; FHA, Fannie Mae, Feddie Mac, and VA loans. Jumbo’s, Second’s and judgments.