Portland Homes For Sale: April 2018 Report

Oregon’s spring, 2018 weather is warming up buyer activity on Portland homes for sale, with homes selling in an average of 55 days compared to 58 days for the same period in 2017. Property values are still going up, albeit gains have been much more conservative than in recent years. Homes for sale are averaging a 7.6% higher closing price than last year while the median closing price edged up 8.8% when the most recent 12 months are contrasted against the preceding 12 month period. Homes for sale around the Portland metro area have all increased in value, but a few areas stand out with the most notable gains. Mt Hood posted a whopping 14.1% improvement in average closing price closely followed by Gresham/Troutdale at 12.0%. In general, more affordable suburbs experienced a higher growth rate than the more gentrified close-in Portland neighborhoods.

For the moment, Portland homes for sale in the very important starter-house category (the bottom/fourth quartile) are currently selling at a rate very closely matched to the rate at which new listings are coming on the market. Median price for a starter-house in Portland is currently $349,900 which gets you 1400 square feet of living space on a 4.5-6.5k lot with 3bed/2bath that’s 63 years old. New listings are pacing with sold listings almost evenly except for the top of the market, where the median price is $992,000 and you get a 3800 square foot house on an oversized lot with 4bed/3.5baths. Not surprisingly, the most expensive homes on the market are taking about twice as long to sell with sales lagging behind new listings by about one third.

What does this mean for Portland home values?

The quick answer is that we don’t really know and as a Realtor I cannot predict the future. But, we can look to recent years’ statistics to better educate ourselves about what the market has done so you can be free to draw your own conclusions. Based on Market Action (and personal experience), 2016 and 2017 were both big years for Portland homes for sale and based on the latest graphs 2018 looks like a good year, but perhaps not as red-hot as the previous few. In keeping with this trend, inventory is also a bit higher than in the last few years which makes sense when viewed along side the Market Action graph. Hopefully, this means that Portland home values are settling into a more healthy and sustainable pattern of stable, incremental appreciation over time. While the recent improvement of home values in the area may lead some to wonder if we’re headed for another bubble, today’s more measured increases could be a sign that things are normalizing in terms of price and market stability. The area’s national popularity and excellent quality of life mean that Portland homes for sale are still in demand. In summary, Portland homes for sale are still very-much in demand but buyer demand may be attenuating down from the white-hot levels seen in 2016 and 2017.

Portland Homes For Sale: New Home Search Feature

We’re proud to announce our newly improved home search feature. While we’ve added too many new features to mention here, there are a few stellar new additions worth pointing out. Our new image compression algorithm will speed up your load times, especially on mobile devices. We’ve also added a smart search so you can search for popular local areas including colloquial terms such as “Inner SE Portland”, “Foster Powell” or “The Pearl District” among many other locally relevant terms related to all things Portland Homes For Sale. See a property for sale in person??? In that case, you’ll be happy to know that our home search bar also accepts addresses. Even if you’re not sure on the city or zip code, just type in the number, ordinal and street name and we’ll probably be able to find it for you. Want homes from a certain part of town? Just enter a zip code (or three) and start browsing.

Search results are delivered in convenient accordion layout so you can simply click on the information you want while the rest of the details are hidden so as not to clutter the screen. Thanks for using our new Portland Homes For Sale feature and don’t hesitate to call if you’d like to see a home in person.

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