Portland Real Estate Hawthorne

The neighborhoods surrounding southeast Hawthorne Boulevard are known for their exquisite assortment of vintage homes, custom condos and trendy shops, restaurants bars and boutiques. Inner Southeast Portland, OR offers close proximity to downtown which makes it very popular for pedestrians and bicyclists and those who want to see and be seen in the hip part of town. A bicycle-friendly environment, progressive legislation and earth-friendly initiatives all add to the appeal of “Inner Southeast”. America has fallen in love with the Hawthorne area’s historically significant neighborhoods and tree-lined streets and parkways… All as a pleasant backdrop to the cool, quirkiness embodied in the hit show “Portlandia”. When you’re ready to make a change and want to see Old-Portland Homes at their best, call us and book a tour of this area that’s popular but of course liked itself before it was cool.

The Local Scene

Locally owned shops, vintage homes and a culture of sustainability permeate this happening hub of Inner SE Portland, Oregon. Residential homes exude a nonchalant class and sophistication as well as an old-world charm. Local residents appreciate the refreshing mix of dining establishments and local culture in addition to an environmentally conscious milieu. Homes in the area embody fine craftsmanship that has withstood the test of time.