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Is Getting Relief From Mortgage Debt Your Priority?

Our SFR ( Short Sale Foreclosure Resource ) designation signifies that in addition to being state licensed real estate brokers we have also completed the National Association of Realtors’ SFR program. In addition to SFR certification, as specialists we have devoted countless hours to settling mortgage debt for our clients and pass this valuable experience on to home owners. As leaders and top sellers of distressed properties, we put our experience in settling mortgage debt to work for our clients in big ways; we use our successes in closed transactions to help us continually refine the best techniques and proven strategies. Furthermore, while we can’t predict the future our track record with a wide variety of banks gives our clients insight in what to expect during the process.

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How Does The Fiscal Cliff Affect Oregon Home Owners?

Anyone who’s tuned in to CNN, read articles on social media or picked up a newspaper has at least heard about the “Fiscal Cliff”. So, what does the Fiscal Cliff have to do with real estate? As it turns out, a lot to do with Oregon home owners! In recent days congress voted to extend mortgage debt relief through 2013 which will save countless struggling home owners from a staggering tax load. Home owners also benefit from the extension of mortgage interest deductions which will save home owners on their tax returns and may also help bolster the very new housing recovery. As Realtors we have a close pulse on what’s happening in the housing market but we should not be confused with attorneys or accountants so consult with the appropriate professional. If you need to short sale your house we can certainly help you with that.