Richard E. Lockwood

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Richard Lockwood: Real Estate Web Developer
Richard Lockwood
Why am I teaching this class?

My reason for wanting to teach DIY digital marketing and small business development is that naturopathic medicine needs to be better represented online and in business. It’s time to stop letting big-pharma and big-supplement companies control the naturopathic narrative online. Do we really want “” (a website with no peer-review or quality-control) on the first page of many naturopathic search results? By raising the standard of website quality in our industry we will lower the search relevancy of detractors while improving public access to our information. Improving naturopathic/acupuncture web presence educates the public and gets people in touch with naturopathic doctors/acupuncturists who can better serve them.

On the business side, I want the public to have a great experience every time they seek integrative healthcare because it builds trust in our way. A bad patient experience at a competitor casts a negative shade on the entire industry. Even “boring” details like the books, patient scheduling and leasing an office will make-or-break a practice and patient-experience.

My history in small business/digital-marketing

As a child, I worked in various family businesses throughout my upbringing, meaning that I have been immersed in small business from the time I was a very small child onward. This combined with my professional career gives me a wealth of experience because I have lived a perspective that is both very beneficial and also very hard to duplicate.

I have been involved in digital marketing, web development, WordPress development and online content creation since the year 2006. I am a specialist in SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing), which is the practice of influencing search engines like Google’s algorithms to move a desired website higher in the ranks by various organic, paid or hybrid means. Although we won’t be covering much (if any) computer code in this course, It’s worth mentioning that I do write PhP, MySQL, JavaScript and other computer programming languages used in websites and mobile apps. These computer languages are relevant in that they are used in everything from Facebook down to individual practitioner WordPress sites that lay-people could set up themselves for very little money.

From 2009-2018, I was a full-time real estate broker and used my SEO knowledge to become a top-selling agent during the worst real estate crisis since the Great Depression. Through implementing my own web coding, content marketing, WordPress designs and SEO strategies I was able to develop a strong client following despite being in the hyper-competitive Portland real estate market at the worst time possible. I will help your graduates to do the same in their respective industries and markets. In the last two years I have translated the SEO/SEM strategies I developed in real estate over to the naturopathic and acupuncture space as my wife and I exponentially grow her practice. Another project I am currently working is coding a real estate mobile app to help small businesses better compete against national players.

On the technical side, I’ve become adept at coding in PhP, CSS and HTML in the context of small business websites. Recently, I have coded multiple test versions of my own real estate that embeds itself on a WordPress page. And, while that’s far above what we’ll cover in this class, it does mean that I can easily help students with simple things like embedding contact forms and online scheduling into their websites.

I want to raise the quality of integrative healthcare’s online presence because, as the saying goes: “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Thank you for hiring me,

Richard E. Lockwood


Professional References

Cheryle Clunes

Title: Principal/Managing Real Estate Broker

Phone: 503.558.2010


Sharon Binder

Title: Principal/Managing Real Estate Broker

Phone: 503.652.2260

Steven Lucas

Title: President (Retired) Oregon Realty Co.

Phone: 503.287.3417

Professional Experience:
Terrain Wellness: Office Manager, Director of Marketing


Almost everything aside from treating patients. Since my wife’s graduation, I have assisted her in growing and developing her practice at every step of the way. Fully leveraging my digital marketing skills, I have led multiple successful marketing campaigns geared toward expanding awareness of our brand and engaging with potential patients. Not only this, I’ve also “ran the numbers” and developed the pricing models and profit margins for our products and services and calculated our margins for employee/owner pay. Additionally, my real estate experience gave us an edge when negotiating the commercial lease and build-out of our office space.

My work at Terrain Wellness demonstrates my abilities that range from DIY digital marketing, keeping the books to negotiating a lease/purchase of professional space to practice in. All of these skills are crucial to developing a small private practice or developing a personal brand while working as a physician in someone else’s practice.

Phone: 503.847.9211

Real Estate Broker (2009-2018, Oregon Realty Company):


In real estate, I ran a busy real estate practice where my duties included interaction with buyers and sellers in person and via phone/email while cooperating with other industry professionals. As an agent working with short sales and complex building rehabs, I functioned as a liaison for clients and their vendors, contractors and those in the banking and financial sectors. My practice of real estate frequently involved complicated paperwork and financial transactions associated with short sale bank payoffs and I managed the documents for banking, financial and debt settlement applications.

I built my customer base in real estate almost exclusively by doing my own SEO and web development and I can help your students build their practices in the same manner.

Web Developer / Content Writer (2006-2009, Total Market Exposure):

Phone: Company ceased operations after I left in 2009

As a web development manager I acted as liaison between computer programmers and customers while also managing writing and designing content with SEO, advertising and sales goals in mind. This position involved me speaking with clients (generally business owners seeking websites and advertising) as well as writing technical/creative content marketing. In this role, customers appreciated my proficiency in everything from designing marketing storyboards, graphic design, writing company slogans and mission statements. On the back end, I participated in technical coding in markup languages while integrating with server-side scripting.

As a small start-up, I wore many hats from sales and meeting with customers to very technical work in web design, SEO, Paid Search and coding.


Creative/Technical Writer & Editor (2005-Present, Contractor):


As a freelance writer, my duties entail writing both creative and technical articles for online publication on websites, blogs and news sites. Generally, these articles would be used for educating potential clients about company products as well as keyword-focused content marketing. I’ve written articles for various professionals including Doctors, retail businesses, chiropractors and real estate and financial opinion pieces.

I’ve also written company slogans, mission statements, product information, ad campaigns and have edited/drafted business proposals.


  • Graduated Sandy High School in June, 2000
  • Studied at the University of Alaska from 2000-2002
  • Self-Taught computer coding languages including PhP, MySQL and JavaScript and markup languages like HTML5/CSS3 as well as deep experience customizing WordPress applications.
  • Self-Taught Creative/Technical Writing: I’ve written and edited numerous articles for real estate and been a ghost-writer for technical/creative/advertising pieces for physicians, chiropractors, real estate agents and other professionals.


  • DIY Digital Marketing for Naturopathic Medicine
  • Involved in small business from the time I could walk
  • 12+ years of WordPress Development.
  • 12+ years of SEO & content marketing.
  • Experience open-source photo-editors, DIY ad development.
  • Linux, PhP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, WordPress
  • Book keeping, calculating profit margins, budgeting for small businesses
  • Office management and organization.
  • Creative/Technical Writing for company documents, memos and emails.
  • Too many other skills to list… just let me know what you need and I’ll get it done.