Riverdale School District | Oregon Dunthorpe

Riverdale School District primarily serves the Dunthorpe Neighborhood.

Dunthorpe Oregon Riverdale School District

Riverdale School District in Dunthorpe, Oregon was established in 1888 and serves approximately 600 families today from inside & outside the district. Students living outside the Riverdale Highschool District wanting to attend must submit application for acceptance & pay tuition if accepted.

Small class sizes are a draw to this school district; which is defined by its often-wealthy inhabitants.

Riverdale School District | Oregon

11733 SW Breyman Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97219
Phone: 503-636-8611
Fax: 503-635-6342
Superintendent; Dr. Brook MacNamara

Riverdale Highschool Dunthorpe Portland Oregon
Riverdale Highschool Dunthorpe Oregon

Riverdale Highschool | Oregon

Grades 9-12
9727 SW Terwilliger Blvd.
Portland, OR 97219
Phone: 503-892-0722
Fax: 503-892-0723
Principal; Paula Robinson

Riverdale Elementary Gradeschool  Dunthorpe Oregon
Riverdale Elementary School | Grade School Dunthorpe Oregon

Riverdale Grade School | Oreogn

Grades K-8
11733 SW Breyman Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97219
Phone: 503-636-4511
Fax: 503-262-4843
Principal; Jeremiah Patterson