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One of the many questions regarding real estate investing right now is what effect falling prices
in suburbs will have on more centrally located properties. With unprecedented
savings possible in outlying areas such as Oregon City, Milwaukie, and Gresham in
most cases renters can buy distressed properties for much less than they currently
rent for. This glut of extremely affordable housing in outlying areas has put
pressure on non-distressed transactions not to mention puts pressure on the strained
rental market. Many investors are struggling to rent out upside-down rental
properties on which they owe far more than the inventory will fetch on the open
Homes For Sale In Inner SE Portland

SE Portland Home Values

So, how will this affect prices in more desirable neighborhoods such as Mt Tabor,
Buckman, Hawthorne and Belmont? Certainly, prices have lowered considerably in
these premier neighborhoods and districts of Inner Southeast Portland but there is
considerable uncertainty whether home values have stabilized or whether new rounds
of price reductions are looming on the horizon. In all this one thing is certain,
in many areas (few exceptions include Laurelhurst and Ladd’s Addition) where buyers
are very interested in short sales and foreclosures have become driving forces that
comprise real percentages of total homes sold.