Portland, Oregon Fitness: Mount Talbert Trail-Run

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Portland, Oregon Fitness: Trail Running on Mount Talbert, off Sunnyside Road, in Happy Valley [caption id="attachment_8110" align="alignleft" width="300"] Portland Trail Running: Mount Talbert Topography[/caption] The steep hills make this short run near Portland, Oregon into something like a "fartlek" where the changes in terrain offer this runner challenging conditions. I have found this to be excellent cross training as a cardio workout to support my general fitness goals and so I'm in shape for kickboxing. If you're new to trail running you can also make this into a hike or by jogging sections as you catch your breath just to get a start on fitness. I've also thought of strapping on my backpack and using these hills as conditioning for multi-backpacking and wilderness hiking. In light of Portland's rugged Northwest…
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Summer Housing Report: Happy Valley, Clackamas, Damascus

Real Estate
Local Realtors Serving Happy Valley, Damascus & Clackamas *Click the expanding tabs below to explore your market details In sharp contrast to Portland's recent bout of cool, temperate weather, local home values throughout the Portland metro area are continuing their meteoric rise. Today we focus specifically on real estate in a few surrounding areas of East County. Home Values Soar Around Portland, OR Oregon's seasonal housing market fluctuations notwithstanding, other factors such as new transplants to the area as well as improvements in the local economy both likely play a role in Portland's robust home price increases. The significant dearth of local rental opportunities may also be fanning the flames of increased home prices in that exorbitant monthly rent or simply being unable to find a suitable rental at all…
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Portland Metro Area Real Estate Report 09-18-2014

Portland Real Estate Market
Portland Real Estate Update: Overview The residential real estate market trends have been generally somewhat negative with a few areas that seem to be more neutral, depending on the price and demographic. For Portland and the surrounding areas within this study it is noted that days on market are increasing (the rate of increase varies from slight to strong increase in days on market). While nobody can predict future profits and losses in Portland real estate, it's important to note that factors such as days on market can and do act like a barometer or weather-vane and can often be used to help get a sense of where the market may be headed. Similarly, the market action index which measures buying activity from well-qualified buyers has also been negative in…
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