Hawthorne District | SE Portland, OR

Real Estate
Stretching from the foot of Mt Tabor to inner SE Portland, Hawthorne Blvd is the Ideal place to see & be seen. The PDX Hawthorn District is defined as the immediate area surrounding Boulevard to which the area derives its name: from SE Belmont to the north and SE Division St to the south. With a wide array of classic Old-Portland Homes, we would love this area even if we weren’t Listing Agents and short sale specialists. Residential properties in the area are selling today at great prices with even better interest rates. Call us today to learn more. [caption id="attachment_780" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Bagdad Theater "][/caption] Hawthorne Boulevard (Blvd) The hip vibe of Hawthorne Blvd makes it a favorite PDX destination drawing all types of characters. The Hawthorne Blvd panoply…
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