Portland Realtors: Short Sale Specialist’s Summer 2016 Report

Real Estate
For the summer of 2016 the Portland real estate market has been defined by extremely low inventory of available homes for sale and stiff competition among buyers eager to find a place to live. However, record home values have not completely wiped away the relevance of Portland short sale specialists in that underlying financial difficulties such as slow wage growth, underemployment and rising living expenses puts many household budgets under duress. Furthermore, higher real estate prices often entail higher monthly mortgage premiums which add increased pressure of possible mortgage default during times of financial strain. During the height of the recession, short sales were commonplace to the point of being ubiquitous and it's important to note that increased home values has moved many mortgage defaults out of short sale into…
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Response to 05-08-2014 Housing Article

My sister, Dr. Julie Lockwood Pechacek (PHD, Economics) wrote the following response to my May 8th article on real estate and the economy. Response To May 8th Real Estate Crash Article: I read your article on the economy and the Portland housing market. Here are some thoughts. Let's talk more often! Love you, -Julie -While I agree that timing is important, you appear to rely heavily on the fact the recession in pdx occurred after the main wave. I say "appear" because I don't think this idea is required for your argument. Recession timing is more related to the geographic dynamics of contagion, and how a financial contagion spreads, than any specific features of Portland's (moderately diverse) economy. -Your essay leads me to wonder if all sectors of the housing…
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Beaverton Home Values

Portland Home Values, Real Estate
Home Values Beaverton, Oregon [caption id="attachment_2832" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Beaverton Realtors Info"][/caption] Median asking price for homes for sale in Beaverton, Oregon for this week is $255,000. Home Values in this area may be settling a little in that asking price has remained constant while price per square foot is dropping; indicating that although median asking price is the same larger homes are being sold at those prices. Inventory in the form of unsold residential listings has been declining (which is an encouraging sign) but buyer agents report that activity is also declining. Short Sale Foreclosure Resource Certified. Real Estate Broker Licensed in Oregon. Housing In Beaverton, OR The net result is that the housing market for Beaverton, OR doesn't seem to be giving any clear signals in either a positive…
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