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Editor’s Choice: 2016 Top Pumpkin-Carving Failures

Portland Entertainment
"Spoopy" Halloween Humor For Portland, Oregon [caption id="attachment_7995" align="alignleft" width="300"] Too SPOOPY for Me... or is it 3 spoopy 5 me? [/caption] What's the one thing spookier than words written in eerie letters styles like skeletons??? Well, misspelling "spooky" as "Spoopy" on a major consumer-goods manufacturing order seems quite a bit more scary to us; but maybe we're a bit too literal. [expand title="Read More..." tag="p"] In any event, autumn has arrived here in Portland, Oregon and everywhere people are decorating their homes, going to pumpkin patches and yes... even enjoying the now-ubiquitous pumpkin-based beverage. We here at Exclusive Portland Real Estate would love to offer some fun holiday pumpkin-carving tips to our readers for this festive time. However, after reviewing some of the greatest pumpkin carving fails on the…
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