Oregon City, Milwaukie Housing Update 10-04/2014

Portland Home Values
Home values in Oregon City and Milwaukie seem to have plateaued in recent weeks with, buyer activity slowly tapering off as we move from the busy summer real estate season into the cooling off period typical of autumn. For these Portland suburbs, average days on market has been trending upwards dramatically while at the same time the inventory of available residential listings in Oregon City have been sharply declining, while available listings in Milwaukie have only been mildly declining. At first, it seems like reduced inventory would stimulate the market and the truth is it may be, but only to an extent. However, if the supply of available homes for sale is declining somewhat and demand is dropping more dramatically then the balance may begin to shift in favor of…
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Short Sale Specialist Report: Milwaukie, Oregon Fall 2014

Short Sales
We're short sale specialists serving Milwaukie, Oregon and we've helped a multitude of home owners just like you regain their financial freedom. Our of our team members are SFR (Short-sale Foreclosure Resource) certified specialists and we always handle all negotiations in-house so you get the best quality service. Some of our competitors outsource the short sale work but this often leads to buyers and sellers getting stuck with blue-sky middleman fees. When you call us you speak directly with experienced Realtors who are ready to help you short sale your Milwaukie, Oregon property. We Negotiate Your Short Sale Personally: It's Our Duty To Put Your Needs First We want your short sale done right, so we do it ourselves (providing a better service while saving you money by not tacking…
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Milwaukie Home Values

Portland Home Values, Short Sales
[caption id="attachment_2689" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Realtors Info Milwaukie Short Sales"][/caption] Milwaukie, Oregon Home Values for the first week in August are at a median of $223,950 based on the median asking price of active residential listings. That figure has been dropping as of late although asking price per square foot is rising. In contrast, average day's on market has been decreasing while buyer action has remained relatively stable. With some indicators going up and others trending down many industry insiders and Realtors believe that the market is exhibiting neither a strong upward or downward pull (however, Realtors, Brokers and Agents cannot predict future values or potential profits/losses so do your own research). Take a look at our updated homes for sale and housing market page to get the latest listings and…
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