Portland, Oregon Fitness: Mount Talbert Trail-Run

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Portland, Oregon Fitness: Trail Running on Mount Talbert, off Sunnyside Road, in Happy Valley [caption id="attachment_8110" align="alignleft" width="300"] Portland Trail Running: Mount Talbert Topography[/caption] The steep hills make this short run near Portland, Oregon into something like a "fartlek" where the changes in terrain offer this runner challenging conditions. I have found this to be excellent cross training as a cardio workout to support my general fitness goals and so I'm in shape for kickboxing. If you're new to trail running you can also make this into a hike or by jogging sections as you catch your breath just to get a start on fitness. I've also thought of strapping on my backpack and using these hills as conditioning for multi-backpacking and wilderness hiking. In light of Portland's rugged Northwest…
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