Portland Homes For Sale: April 2018 Report

Portland Home Values
Oregon's spring, 2018 weather is warming up buyer activity on Portland homes for sale, with homes selling in an average of 55 days compared to 58 days for the same period in 2017. Property values are still going up, albeit gains have been much more conservative than in recent years. Homes for sale are averaging a 7.6% higher closing price than last year while the median closing price edged up 8.8% when the most recent 12 months are contrasted against the preceding 12 month period. Homes for sale around the Portland metro area have all increased in value, but a few areas stand out with the most notable gains. Mt Hood posted a whopping 14.1% improvement in average closing price closely followed by Gresham/Troutdale at 12.0%. In general, more affordable…
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Portland Realtors: Fall Update

Portland Real Estate Report: Plateau... Or Just Platitudes? In summary, home values in Portland, Oregon are being described as "hovering" at the moment. Various articles and Portland Realtors commenting on the local housing market have used terms like "plateau", "flattened" and even the somewhat ominous word "cooling" to describe our current conditions. The graph below shows that median prices hit highs at/near $550,000- in the spring of 2016 but have tapered off to our current median price of $499,700-. Recession has become a zeitgeist and the subject of scary campfire stories ever since 2008. Nonetheless, economic contractions remain a recurring certainty and a predictable part of all economies. -Richard E Lockwood Real estate agents note that this settling in prices may be due to our city's tradition of the market…
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