Portland Short Sales, Case Shiller Report

Portland Home Values, Short Sales
Home owners, those looking to buy and especially home owners with negative equity have all been anxiously watching home values both nationally and in the Portland Metro Area. The latest figures from the Standard and Poors (S&P) Case Shiller Report for July 2012 show that Portland has improved since July of 2011 but that we've also got a very long way to go to see a recovery in terms of getting back to pre-crash values. March and April of 2012 were the worst home value points for all of the downturn and currently we sit at an index level of 137.79 points which is very close to the January 2011 level of 137.66. Learn more about the Case Shiller Housing Report. So, while values have shown very modest improvement of…
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Client Says: Thanks

Portland Testimonials
An email from a Mt Tabor Portland Short Sale Client. This family really needed our help. FROM: Dave Hi there, Realtor Bruce Lockwood asked me to send a quick note about how our short sale went with them. In a nutshell: My wife and I unknowingly bought a moldy house about two years ago. After we lived there for two weeks, my wife was so sick that we had to move out. We were first-time home buyers, and pretty much went broke buying the nicest house we could afford -- so we could barely afford to rent an apartment on top of that. We spent a few months working with a lawyer, yadda yadda.. but we didn't have many options, or legal recourse. Basically a very crappy situation. We couldn't…
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Portland Home Listings

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Searching for Portland Home Listings including Foreclosed Homes can become a full time job. We understand, we do it day and night for clients. That is why we provide Free Home Searching and deliver lists of qualified homes directly to you that fit your criteria. There are many lists of Portland Listings and listing parameters. We will discuss your price range, desired locations, goals and every other factors important to you. We have direct communication with over 20 bank liquidators. We have them on speed dial and they have us on speed dial. We work directly with the liquidation wholesale dept of banks daily. We Realtors serving Portland that have the knowledge, experience and influence needed to get the job done and get it done right. If you want the…
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