QUIZ: What’s Your Portland Home???

Take our fun, interactive real estate quiz to help kickoff your Portland, Oregon home search. Okay well, maybe you don’t want to make such an important life decision based on a silly quiz but we hope you at least get a chuckle about the interesting questions. As we Realtors always say, if the questions aren’t questionable, then they’re probably not very entertaining. All jokes aside, if you need help finding a home and appreciate experienced Portland real estate agents with dry senses of humor then call us to start looking for a home that actually fits with your lifestyle.

Portland Realtors: Spring 2017 Housing Report

Fewer listings and fewer sales is the theme for winter and spring for Portland in 2017 thus far. … It’s important to note that last years’ spring buying season was stronger than ever and we also do experience seasonal slowing of the market in the winter months prior to spring. What we’re experiencing may be the prelude to another bold move forward in home values or the beginning of the market cooling off a little.

Portland’s Futile War Against Uber

Portland’s Mayor recently sounded off about Uber’s use of clever software to outfox regulators during the city’s pointless battle against ridesharing, referring to Uber’s regulator-detection-algorithm known as “Greyball”. Greyball was used to avoid fines against Uber drivers operating in Portland when the service was banned. However, for myself as an average citizen, I question the city’s ethics in keeping an improved service out. For me, it feels like local government was forcing citizens to live in the past using antiquated technology because ridesharing doesn’t fit the tax model. As such, the government demonstrated poor ethics and Greyball was a reasonable response by Uber.