QUIZ: What’s Your Portland Home???

Portland Entertainment
Take our fun, interactive real estate quiz to help kickoff your Portland, Oregon home search. Okay well, maybe you don't want to make such an important life decision based on a silly quiz but we hope you at least get a chuckle about the interesting questions. As we Realtors always say, if the questions aren't questionable, then they're probably not very entertaining. All jokes aside, if you need help finding a home and appreciate experienced Portland real estate agents with dry senses of humor then call us to start looking for a home that actually fits with your lifestyle. [os-widget path="/richardlockwood/what-s-your-portland-home" of="richardlockwood" comments="false"] [expand title="Answers to the quiz inside:" tag="p"] Redneck Paradise The Swanky Condo: The 0bed/1ba Location, location, location! Would you like to live in the coolest, swankiest, hippest…
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