Fall 2017: Portland Real Estate Market

Portland Real Estate Market
[caption id="attachment_8314" align="alignleft" width="300"] Median List Price of Portland Homes For Sale[/caption] Summer is over and Fall is here with plenty of cold, rainy wind... and of course, the ubiquitous comparatively sluggish real estate market. I say "comparatively sluggish" because housing in our city is still selling quickly and inventory remains very low by the measures of conventional wisdom. Nonetheless, average days on market for residential homes for sale is increasing while market action is waning. Current median asking price for properties in Portland is $518,000 and the average list price is $635,476. Following the waning market action, prices have been settling down a bit from their all time high in the spring/summer but even still, ever since the Great Recession, Portland's real estate market is continually defined by (lack…
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Gentrification & Portland Real Estate

Real Estate
Changing Lifestyles & How This is Affecting Portland Real Estate Values In a nutshell, close-in neighborhoods with increased opportunities for human interaction and cultural experiences are becoming more popular. Whereas, outlying suburbs that are heavily dependent on transportation by car with less close-by amenities like local shops and entertainment are experiencing a decline in popularity. Real estate located in close-in neighborhoods with easy/fast commutes into downtown Portland have seen more dramatic real estate and rental cost increases when compared to outlying suburbs. Although the reasons for this shift toward more urban living may be self-evident to many, a more in-depth look at the factors that set the stage for this change is very interesting (at least, it's interesting to Realtors in Portland). Looking to buy? If you need to sell…
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