Portland Short Sale Specialist

As real estate brokers we are not attorneys and as such, this publication should not be construed as legal counsel or advice. In the course of our duties as agents some of our clients choose to retain legal or financial counsel and we work in cooperation with such professionals in the process of serving you, our client. We As Realtors in Portland and short sale specialists… our legal obligation is to work for you, and to serve our clients’ best interests We’re licensed real estate brokers in the state of OR, with Oregon Realty Company and we’re held to a very high standard of ethical conduct known as fiduciary duty to our clients While we cooperate with a variety of banks, attorneys and financial institutions to complete a short sale…
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Housing Recovery, Short Sales & The Economy

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The Aftermath: Prices Can't Bounce Back In the wake of the recession many home owners hoped to be able to sell their homes as prices increased and for some this has in fact happened. However, if prices did go back to 2008 levels why would those prices be sustainable in 2014 if they weren't sustainable in 2008? I mean to say: have wages increased 25% in 5 years? No, then why should we believe that houses can increase that amount? And, more importantly, who would be able to buy them? As we move into the fourth month of the year 2014 some have asked if the short sale specialist is still relevant in the Portland Housing Market. To answer this question we're going to borrow a quote from former US…
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Client says: There Were No Surprises

Portland Testimonials
Last year we purchased a Portland Short-Sale property from Oregon Realty’s Portland Short Sale Specialist Bruce Lockwood SFR, and Richard Lockwood SFR, Real Estate Brokers. We were pleased with the process and professionalism of Bruce & Richard. The information they provided was comprehensive & accurate, there were no surprises. Be sure to insist on the SFR Certificate when buying or selling a short sale. Bruce & Richards' entire Team are all SFR certified real estate brokers. Some friends of ours were not so lucky. We love our home as it is everything we bargained for. Thanks Bruce & Richard. Mike Thank you, we're glad to see you're happy with your home. Be sure to check out the Case Shiller Housing Reports to get more behind the scenes information about what…
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