Are Zillow “Zestimates” Accurate?

Buying Real Estate
As a professional in the housing sector (Broker, Licensed in the State of Oregon) I have members of the general public ask me if's pricing estimates (styled as "Zestimates") are accurate. At the risk of raising ire, my honest answer is this: I have never personally seen a "Zillow Zestimate" even closely resemble an appraised value or be close to an actual Comparative Market Analysis. How Does Zillow Make Its Millions??? When questioning the veracity of a source of information, it's important to understand how Zillow makes millions providing such "free" services to the general public. Sites such as Zillow make money by netting consumers looking for real estate services and then selling those captured leads to local Realtors. As one local agent quipped: "Zillow wants to charge me…
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