The Voicebox, Local Entertainment

Portland is home to new type of Karaoke bar! The Voicebox is located in NW Portland and is both new and super creative! Instead of your typical Karaoke night, now groups can get together in their own private suite, or box, as they are referred to at The Voicebox. Each box contains a flat screen TV, two microphones, a remote that assists in sound adjustments, selections of songs and even light controls. Each box is also services by The Voicebox staff, offering your group food and drink throughout your stay!
There are six boxes total and a bar outside of the boxes. The boxes range in size, with the largest one able to host a group of 20.
The Voicebox also offers a full menu and specializes in sake cocktails and Japanese themed entrees, the menu changes monthly so be sure to check out their website for all of the latest in their delicious cuisine. They also offer a happy hour every day from 4-7pm and all day on Wednesdays. During happy hour one can expect $4.00 karaoke and terrific food and drink specials.
For more information on The Voicebox, including box rates and to book your box please visit